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January 2012

Marking a Milestone


Marking a Milestone

I’ve always been into observing anniversaries. Maybe it’s because it’s an excuse to celebrant.  February begins my tenth year writing for Madison Magazine.  As my editor correctly pointed out, my actual anniversary date won’t happen until 2013 when I’ve completed that tenth year.  I’ll also observe a major birthday in 2013, my sixty-fifth.  That’s significant because it ends in a five or zero and some years ago my friends curtailed me from otherwise observing my natal anniversary in a lavish manner—and then in a lavish manner I most likely will.  I’m not sure from where my narcissism with my birth date stems. I know a lot of my friends, in increasing numbers as the years turn into decades, dread...

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Moonshine Memory


Moonshine Memory

Recently I decided to try Death’s Door White Whiskey, much acclaimed by some national critics who review spirits.  Many brands of white whiskey have suddenly appeared and become popular—including the likewise locally distilled Yahara Bay Lightening. What they all have in common is they’re an unfinished product. Whether made from fermented corn, wheat or rye, after distilling, none are put into a barrel to age. Aging in oak is what mellows out the taste of whiskey and gives it the brown color.   Unlike vodka which is made with a reflux still that results in a neutral taste, white whiskey has a tang often compared to tequila or cachaça.  Inevitably, it’s also compared to moonshine, a genre of illegal hooch that covers a lot of...

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