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January 2011

Restaurant Week Fantasy


Restaurant Week Fantasy

I love Restaurant Week.  It’s a chance to sample some great food—maybe at places quite honestly I might not go to otherwise—and it’s a great deal. The formula is simple: Twice a year, 35 popular restaurants offer a three-course menu (with at least three choices for each course) on six nights for $25.  It occurred to me that means there are over 315 possible dinner menus you could put together for the week!  I assure you, between January 23 and 28 I’ll be working on it. But here’s a compilation menu—my perfect meal—picked from winter 2011 offerings. My Eight Course Restaurant Week Fantasy MenuHors d’oeuvreGraze: Liverwurst Toast with pickled apples and mixed greens Soup43 North: Lobster Bisque with tarragon...

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Worst Recipes


Worst Recipes

 Recently a friend gave me a file box full of recipes that he found when he moved into a new house.  Of course, I had to have a look even though the likelihood of finding anything I’d actually make was minute.  Despite logic, we all seek serendipity if not treasure, hence the popularity of reality television like Antiques Road Show and American Pickers.  I’ve inexplicably sorted through stacks of three-by-five cards and many a spiral bound church cookbook with great expectations.  I can’t say I’ve ever unearthed anything that’s contributed to my extensive repertoire of recipes, but it was more fun than watching Paula Deen. When I heard that there was going to be a new TV show on the Food Network called Worst Cooks in America, I...

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