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February 2010

March of Malaise


March of Malaise

The holidays have come and gone. You’d never know it by the number of Christmas decorations that still abound.  (I especially find the brown wreaths with their bright red bows depressing.)  And, the New Year now seems very much like the old one.  I’ve gone to Mardi Gras and returned with only a lot of worthless plastic beads.  Worst of all, by even the most optimistic prediction—I’ve lived in Wisconsin too long to be optimistic—spring is at least a month away. What was up until now comfort food is unbearable: mashed potatoes and root vegetables; gravy and heavy sauces; cream and baroque desserts.  I need something to perk up my palate.  I crave food full of flavor, fresh, spicy and exotic is all the better. I’ve got...

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Seemingly it’s been around forever—even the ancient Greeks enjoyed it.  Virtually every culture that makes cheese makes some kind of cheesecake.  I remember my own first encounter with what I was sure would be a yucky dessert.  It was at Sam’s Subway, a delicatessen in Indianapolis and I was in second grade.  Cheese here to for was something I was only accustomed to seeing on a sandwich. I only tried it because my mother told me I wouldn’t like it.Of course, she was wrong. In this country, cheesecake is most often made with cream cheese.  This product came about in 1872 when William Lawrence in Chester, New York came up with a process to make a creamy, un-ripened cheese. It was distributed wrapped in foil under the brand name...

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