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Apr 6, 2011
04:18 PM

In the Pink

In the Pink

I had to laugh at myself while I watched Legally Blonde The Musical at Overture Center last night. I’ve seen the 2001 Reese Witherspoon movie countless times, so I knew what to expect: a lovably naive girl, a quest to win back a boyfriend, a cute lap dog, plenty of pink. And yet I couldn’t get enough of what I was seeing onstage!

This is a musical that knows itself and its audience—and delivers a lighthearted, upbeat show that’s simply a lot of fun.

Nikki Bohne was pitch-perfect as Elle Woods, a Malibu sorority sister who’s smart and sweet underneath the glitzy clothes and bleached hair. On the surface, Legally Blonde is about her journey to Harvard Law to make her ex, Warner Huntington III (played satisfyingly self-absorbed by Matthew Ragas), fall for her again. But the deeper message is about having the courage to stay true to oneself.

A delightful addition to the musical was Elle’s sorority sisters appearing frequently as her own personal “Greek chorus,” offering advice and encouragement as she confronted Warner, sparred with his new girlfriend and endured the challenges of Harvard. Hairdresser friend Paulette and fitness instructor-turned-murder-suspect Brooke were also enjoyable to see and, particularly, hear.

And I certainly wasn’t the only one who squealed the first—and, really, every—time teeny dog Bruiser ran onto the stage. (The same can be said for the sequined pink suit Elle donned in the finale.)

To be sure, the audience seemed appreciative of the fun playing out at Overture Hall. It’s been a long winter; why not get your pink on?

Legally Blonde The Musical runs through Sunday at Overture Center. For more information, visit overturecenter.com.

Photo courtesy of Overture Center.

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