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Mar 15, 2013
12:04 PM

Three Trendy Patterns to Try Now

Three Trendy Patterns to Try Now

One of my favorite outfits as a kid consisted of striped pants paired with a polka dot shirt. Yes, seriously. I just loved the way the patterns worked together. Of course, this was in the early '90s, so pattern combos were kind of “anything goes.” It was fun.

To this day I enjoy playing with patterns, though my tastes have evolved. And so, I’m kicking off the HomeGirl blog with a look at some patterns around Madison stores. It’s a little thing I’m going to call 3 x 3. Three styles and three examples of each. Even better? They’re items that you can buy right here. 


It zigs. It zags. It makes you smile. Chevron patterns pack a friendly punch and add a modern twist to a room.

1. Whether you’re a devoted baker or have a tendency to burn mac ‘n’ cheese, you’ll love wearing this happy apron from Stone Fence around the kitchen. Love those pockets!

2. Wood Wick candles are known for their yummy aromas and crackling flames. Orange Tree Imports sells this Blue Dusk scent that boasts a patterned glass. It’s a small but special addition to any space.

3. Make a striking statement with this grey and white rug from Pottery Barn. Wool fibers keep you cozy while the neutral tones and numerous size options (ranging from 2.5’ x 9’–9’ x 12’), make it an easy addition in a variety of rooms. 


This classic pattern never goes out of style. Stripes add height and length where needed, but more importantly, they’re adaptable and fun!

4. A rainbow of hues brightens up this minimalist side table from The Century House. Place a pair in your living room for instant cheer.

5. With just a touch of color on the back, this chair from Unearthed is a subtle way to incorporate stripes. The wool material that covers the mid-century Steelcase is actually a vintage Swiss Army Blanket. Very cool.  

6. You’ll appreciate that this ottoman from Target works in multiple spaces. In stores, it’s found with the patio and garden goods, but you’d be smart to buy it now to use inside until the snow melts.  


Ikat is everywhere—and for good reason! The dyeing technique, whether it’s the real deal or an inspired print, is gorgeous.

7. Rich burgundies and deep blues make this exotic slip cover from Pottery Barn a fast way to update. Not your favorite color scheme? Try one of the store’s more muted options.

8. This green, blue and yellow piece from Art Gecko is super versatile. Hang it on a wall or impress dinner guests by using it on a table.  

9. Alone or as a set, this wood-framed chair with ikat upholstery is a lively addition. Plus, it’s comfy! Pick it up at Anthropologie.

What patterns do you love and where do you find them? Let me know below!

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