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July 2013

At Home with Houzz


At Home with Houzz

This highly-intuitive website gives visitors a gorgeous look at home trends and ideas, as well as the experts to make updates happen. Are you connected?

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Farmhouse Chic


Farmhouse Chic

A Sun Prairie shop offers vintage and rustic inspiration, custom furniture work and an assortment of rehab workshops

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They say there’s no place like home. I have to agree. Why? Because home is a place where we can relax and be ourselves. We all have an idea of what makes a house a home. A classic piece. A modern touch. A home’s style reflects the people who live inside. And I just love to meet those people.

Join me as I explore hot trends, how-tos and local options for stunning decor that will help make your house feel the way it should—like home. I’ll even have exclusive talks with local designers and homeowners so you can hear advice from the experts.

Hang out with me, Madison Magazine’s HomeGirl.

– Hannah Kiddoo
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