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Mar 21, 2013
11:50 AM
Health Kick

Welcome to Health Kick

Welcome to Health Kick

Health is a funny thing. We read blogs and books and articles trying to find the keys to good health and a long life, and then we turn around and scarf down half a box of Girl Scout Cookies or a way-too-big burrito. We log miles on the treadmill and laps in the pool, but then we stay up too late, drink too much coffee or break an arm while chasing our youth disguised as a puck in an adult hockey league. As it is with most things, good health seems to live in a delicate balance of good diet, good habits, good exercise and good genes—sprinkled on top with a dusting of good luck. We can't change the genes and we can't influence the luck (very much, although some would argue that good sense is integral to good luck and lack of sense invites bad luck). We can, however, control the diet, develop good habits and exercise.

That's where Health Kick comes in. I hope to share what I learn about diet, habit and exercise so that you can adjust your own balance as you see fit. We all know that it's not always easy. Hamburgers and pizza taste good. Starting a day without coffee seems tortuous. Exercise can be hard to fit into busy schedules, and sometimes we try to make up for lost time with overzealous efforts that sideline us for weeks. It's also hard to be patient. Changes to diet, habit and fitness routines don't produce instant results. McDonald's does. But the long-term effects of poor diet, poor habits and insufficient exercise are often delayed as well. It's much more effective to head off heart disease and diabetes at the pass than it is to fight them when they arrive. They might seem to be years away, but they're closer than you think.

So let's get moving. Through my blog posts, I'll take you along some paths that I find insightful or illuminating. Also, feel free to suggest alternate routes. There is a lot of ground to cover. Mental health. Cancer. Diabetes. Aging. Each of those topics alone could spawn dozens of blogs of their own. Indeed, the sooner we start, the more we'll get to explore.

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About This Blog

Contrary to the title of this blog, I'm not always on a health kick. I try (for the most part) to eat well and exercise regularly, but I'm far, far from perfect. I do, though, enjoy learning about health trends and scientific discoveries, and I hope to share information and pose questions that you might find interesting or useful. Hey, if you get a little inspired while you're reading, all the better. Just don't expect it on a regular basis. I'm a writer, not a celebrity trainer.

Why health? Well, I've been around the block enough times that I don't take it for granted anymore. I also recognize that our health is the result of myriad factors ranging from genetics to diet to habits to socioeconomic status to prejudices and beyond. It's a complicated puzzle with different pieces for each of us. That means there are few guarantees or absolutes and still a ton to discover. I never liked the rigidity of science in practice, but I love the insights it produces.

So let's start 2013 on a Health Kick. With any luck, we'll all be better for it.

– Jennifer Garrett 

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